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Baking Terminology Glossary

by Diane Yang

Baking Terminology Glossary

Looking for ways to level up your understanding of baking? Look no further!

We've compiled a list of various baking terminologies and nomenclature for you to use! Some you may be familiar with, and others not. Use this to improve your understanding of the wonderful world of baking and it's every-growing list of tools, techniques, and more!


To supply or add air into something


almond paste, odense almond paste, almond paste 7 lb, solo almond paste, gluten free almond paste, roland almond paste, organic almond paste

Almond Paste

Made from ground almonds and sugar, with a small amount of cooking oil, beaten eggs, heavy cream or corn syrup


almond paste, odense almond paste, solo almond paste, gluten free almond paste, roland almond paste, organic almond paste



A thin strip of puff pastry. (French word for "matchstick")


allumette paris, allumette et coton tige, psvr allumette, allumette 

Angel Food Cake

A type of light cake made with the white part of eggs, often baked in a ring shape


angel food cake, angel food cake mix, gluten free angel food cake mix



A type of small cake, often with rum poured over it or soaked in syrup


baba ganoush, baba yaga, satya sai baba nagchampa, baba ghanoush, baba, neem karoli baba, baba eletronica, sai baba, baba is you, meher baba 


A type of coffee cake flavored with orange rind, raisins and almonds


babka, chocolate babka, babka chocolate, babka bread, cinnamon babka, babka cake, green's babka, greens babka, babka cinnamon, babka pan



A pan of hot water in which a bowl of food, used chocolate and butte is cooked or melted slowly


bain marie, bain marie pot, bain-marie

Bake blind

The process of baking a pie crust or other pastry without the filling


blind bake beads, ceramic beads blind bake, blind bake weight, blind bake 



Quantity of bread baked one time


the bad batch, batch feed garbage disposal, batch holder, soft batch cookies, batch cooking, small batch preserving, gremlins 2 the new batch, soft batch


Baked Alaska

A dessert made of cake and ice cream covered in meringue and cooked quickly in a very hot oven


baked alaska, vegan baked alaska, baked alaska mold, lush baked alaska soap, baked alaska cake, baked alaska pan



A dessert from the Middle East, made from pastry, nuts, and honey


baklava, baklava face mask, baklava pastry, baklava gift box, shatila baklava, baklava assortment, turkish baklava, baklava mask, baklava dessert, baklava pistachio



A mixture consisting chiefly of flour, egg, and milk or water, can be used s a coating for food that is to be fried


pancake batter dispenser, batter dispenser, shatter batter, better batter gluten free flour, batter, batter pack, cake batter chapstick, batter dispenser with squeeze handle


Bavarian Cream

A cold dessert consisting of a rich custard set with gelatin and flavored in various ways


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Mix something with short quick movements with a fork


two hearts beat as one wedding cake topper, beat bugs edible cake topper, care beat cake


Blanc Mange

A sweet dessert commonly made with milk or cream and sugar thickened with rice flour, gelatin, corn starch, or Irish moss


blanc mange



Mix a substance with another substance so that they combine together


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Blown Sugar

Sugar specially worked and then molded into various shapes with the assistance of a small tube


blown glass sugar creamer, chemex hand blown cream and sugar set, fiesta sugar blown, blown sugar reed, sugar work blown-and pulled-sugar



For liquids: to heat the liquid to the point where it forms bubbles and turns to steam or vapour
For a subject: to place something into boiling liquid


jet boil, boil ease, crawfish boil party supplies, zatarains crab boil, boil treatment, crawfish boil pot, crab boil, crawfish boil, boil water



A frozen dessert in a round shape


cherry bombe, bombe, cherry bombe cookbook, bombe chest, bombe chest nightstand, bombe lacrymogene, white bombe, colle neoprene bombe


Boston Cream Pie

A cake filled with a custard or cream filling and frosted with chocolate


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The outer covering of grain which is left when the grain is made into flour


raisin bran, oat bran, wheat bran, rice bran oil, bran, rice bran, bran flakes, all bran, raisin bran crunch, raisin bran cereal


Bran Flour

A type of flour made from the outer covering of grain


bran flour, oat bran flour, rice bran flour, wheat bran flour, snowflake bran flour, organic rice bran flour, bobs red mill wheat bran flour, joseph's flax, oat bran and whole wheat flour mini pita bread, bran rice flour face mask



A type of sweet bread made from flour, eggs and butter, usually in the shape of a small bread roll


brioche, brioche bread, brioche bun, brioche buns, brioche molds, brioche rolls, brioche mold, brioche hamburger buns, brioche knitting books, brioche hot dog buns



To spread/add butter onto bread etc.


peanut butter, shea butter, almond butter, butter dish, cocoa butter, reeses peanut butter cups, coconut butter, peanut butter powder, palmers cocoa butter



A soft mixture of butter and sugar, used inside and on top of cakes


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To turn sugar into caramel, which is in brown


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Bread in the form of a plaited loaf with rich eggs


challah bread, challah, challah cover, challah board



A cooked pudding containing fruit and layers of cake or bread


charlotte pudding, one piece: glitter & glamours charlotte pudding pink figure


Chemical Leavener

A leavener that uses carbon dioxide gas to lighten and aerate baked goods


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Christmas Pudding

A hot pudding like a dark fruit cake, traditionally eaten in Britain at Christmas


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Clear Flour

A type of tan-colored wheat flour made from the outer portion of the endosperm


first clear flour, clear flour, flour sugar canister set clear, air tight container flour clear



To cut something into pieces with sharp tools


chop saw, chop sticks, slap chop, pork chop, vidalia chop wizard, lamb chop dog toy, metal chop saw, chop wood carry water joshua medcalf, chop sticks reusable dishwasher safe, lamb chop



A layer of paint or some other substance that covers a surface.


cake crumb coat sealer



A type of fruit pie with thick pastry on top but without a bottom crust


peach cobbler, cobbler, new england coffee blueberry cobbler, pi cobbler


Cocoa Butter

Fat that is obtained from cocoa and used in making chocolate and beans, cosmetics


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A type of thin fruit sauce


coulis fimo, plastic coulis bottle, faux coulis, tomato coulis, coulis sieve, coulis red nissan touch up paint, raspberry coulis murder, grout/coulis/lechada, sanded/sable/con arena



A cold dessert made of fruit cooked slowly with sugar


compote, apricot compote


Crème Brûlée

A cold dessert made from cream, with burnt sugar on top


creme brulee torch, creme brulee, creme brulee dishes, torch for creme brulee, creme brulee mix, creme brulee ramekins, creme brulee coffee, 



A thin pancake, typically served rolled around a filling


crepe maker, crepe erase advanced, electric crepe maker, crepe spreader, crepe, crepe mix, crepe erase intensive body repair treatment, crepe paper streamers



To press the sides and tops of pie or tart crusts


crimp tool, crimp connector, wire crimp connectors, crimp tubes



Small piece of food, especially of bread or cake, that has fallen off a larger piece


crumb, crumb cake, robert crumb, crumb documentary, bread cutting board with crumb tray, crumb vacuum, table crumb sweeper, entenmanns crumb cake, bread board with crumb catcher



A condition when a liquid separates or separate into curds or lumps.


pills curdle milk, curdle straps, yogurt curdle, tummy curdle



A sweet yellow sauce made from milk, sugar, eggs and flour, usually served hot with cooked fruit, puddings , etc.


custard powder, custard cups, kinkys curly curling custard, birds custard powder, custard, kinky curly custard, pyrex custard cups, mop top curly hair custard, bird's custard powder, kinky curly curling custard



To remove the ice or frost from something frozen by increasing its temperature.


defrost tray, defrost timer, whirlpool defrost timer, frigidaire defrost timer, defrost spray, defrost heater



To remove the ice or frost from something frozen by increasing its temperature.


mango dilute



Piercing a pastry dough before baking to allow steam to evaporate


pastry docking tool, pastry docking wheel



A mixture of flour, water, etc. that is made into bread and pastry


play dough, cookie dough, pizza dough, dough scraper, dough cutter, dough mixer, dough roller, edible cookie dough, dough whisk



To cover food lightly with sugar, flour, etc.


dredge shaker, dredge, hand dredge, plastic dredge shaker, stainless steel dredge shaker, dredge shaker with lid, spice dredge, sugar dredge, stainless steel dredge bbq



To pour a thin stream of liquid such as glaze over food


swan creek drizzle melts, drizzle stick, drizzle melts, drizzle spoon, folgers caramel drizzle k cups, caramel drizzle, drizzle, chocolate drizzle popcorn, folgers caramel drizzle, drizzle popcorn



To cover with fine powder


honey dust powder, marble dust powder, dust mite powder, dazzle dust shimmering powder, dust cocoa powder



Any mixture of liquids that do not normally mix together, such as oil and water


fish emulsion organic fertilizer, emulsion, emulsion blenders, fish emulsion, emulsion blender, almond emulsion, lorann emulsion, fish emulsion fertilizer



The part of the plant seed that provides food for the embryo


coconut endosperm



A liquid taken from a plant, etc. that contains its smell and taste in a very strong form


plant essence



A substance that has been obtained from something else using a particular process


vanilla extract, green tea extract, olive leaf extract, grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, almond extract, maple extract, green coffee bean extract, kyolic aged garlic extract capsules



A metabolic process that converts sugars and starches in bread dough into simpler substances such as carbon dioxide, which causes the dough to rise


fermentation kit, fermentation weights, fermentation lids, fermentation jar, fermentation, fermentation crock, airlock for fermentation, fermentation bucket, wild fermentation, fermentation airlock



To whip eggs until producing a mass of small bubbles


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To combine heavy and light ingredients in a smooth folding action with a tool such as a spatula


not found


A thick sweet soft mixture made from sugar and water, used especially to cover cakes


fondant, fondant tools, fondant molds, fondant cutters, black fondant, fondant letter cutters, fondant smoother, white fondant, fondant mat


Firm peaks

The top of cream that shapes like stiff or firm peaks, stand straight up when the beaters are lifted


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A sweet almond-flavored custard used in a variety of ways including cakes and such pastries as the Bakewell tart and conversation tart


frangipane, chanterelle frangipane, joy frangipane, denise frangipane



A piece of fruit, meat or vegetable that is covered with batter and fried


apple fritter, fritter, fritter mold, clam fritter mix, apple fritter bread, cars bath hero fritter



The process where starch and water are subjected to heat, causing the starch granules to swell. As a result, the water is gradually absorbed in an irreversible manner.


starch gelatinization, gelatinization and gelation, starch gelatinization temperature, gelatinization temperature, pre gelatinization, gelatinization point


A whole-egg sponge cake made with a batter containing melted butter


genoise silicon mold, moule genoise, silpat baking mat for genoise, genoise silicon, spatule genoise, plaque a genoise, genoise pan, genoise mold, silicone genoise



To give the surface of a food shiny surface with a layer of sugar, butter, or any other glossy liquid.


balsamic vinegar glaze, signature select glaze with balsamic vinegar, roland glaze balsamic vinegar of modena 11.2 ounce, organic balsamic vinegar glaze



A class of proteins present in wheat and several other cereals


sod gliadin complex, sod gliadin, gliadin, swanson sod gliadin complex, sod+superoxide dismutase+gliadin+supplement, superoxide dismutase/gliadin complex, sod/gliadin, sodzyme gliadin



A sticky substance that is a mixture of two proteins and is left when starch is removed from flour, especially wheat flour


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A texture of a rough surface or containing small bits, seeds, etc.


grainy mustard, grainy honey, colorful grainy pepper



To rub grease or fat on something


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A chemical reaction between molecular hydrogen and another compound or element that can convert liquid oils to solid fats


hydrogenation gel, coffee creamer no hydrogenation, cold hydrogenation gel



A sweet mixture of sugar and water, milk, butter or egg white that is used to cover and decorate cakes


frosting, cake frosting, frosting tips, frosting bags and tips, vanilla frosting, sugar free frosting, vegan frosting, frosting bags, buttercream frosting, chocolate frosting



To immerse an item into a liquid and get its flavors


fruit infuse water bottle, fruit infuse picther, insulated water cup stainless to infuse fruit in, infuse pitcher, infuse, tea infuse, infuse water bottle



A strong alcoholic drink made from cherries


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To press and stretch dough with your hands to make it ready to use


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A small long thin cake made with eggs, sugar and flour


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A technique where multiple layers of dough are separated by a thin layer of butter created through repeated folding


laminate pizza dough, laminate dough czekhov, laminate pie dough, dough laminate oil, profession laminate dough, laminate the dough, laminate croissant dough


Lean Dough

A dough low in fat and sugar


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A substance used in dough to make it rise, such as yeast or baking powder


bread leavening container, leavening agents for food, leavening, vanilla leavening agent, baking leavening, leavening calcium carbonate lactate, leavening box, leavening powder, leavening basket


Linzer Torte

A short, crumbly pastry made of flour, unsalted butter, egg yolks, lemon zest, cinnamon and lemon juice, and ground nuts


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Used to describe something that is full of lumps; covered in lumps


lumpy the heffalump baking, lumpy candles



Milk or water that is slightly warm





A soft round sweet biscuit/cookie made with almonds or coconut


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To soften a type of food by leaving it in a liquid


macerate bowl, macerate plate, macerate recip, macerate equipment, macerate container



A sweet firm substance, sometimes with yellow color added, used to make sweets/candy and to cover cakes


marzipan, marzipan candy, marzipan fruit, marzipan paste, marzipan chocolate, marzipan pig, niederegger marzipan, marzipan niederegger, bergen marzipan, ritter sport marzipan



Grain that has been crushed to produce a powder, used as food for animals and for making flour


meal prep containers, meal replacement shakes, meal prep, glass meal prep containers, meal replacement, meal replacement shakes for weight loss, meal prep containers glass, meal kit, flaxseed meal, bone meal



Make something become liquid as a result of heating


melt butter, melt organic butter, butter melt, butter stick melt spray, coco butter melt and pour, no melt suet cakes for wild birds, suet cakes for wild birds no melt, suet cakes no melt, candy melt, wilton candy melt, white chocolate melt



To cut food, especially meat, into very small pieces using a special machine


mince pies, mince pie, mince meat, mince, walkers mince pies, mince pie filling, mince pie pan, mince meat pie, mr kipling mince pies, mince tarts



To combine substances, usually in a way that they cannot easily be separated


pancake mix, keto pancake mix, birch benders pancake mix, cake mix, gluten free cake mix, drink mix, powdered drink mix, hot chocolate mix, bread machine mix, waffle mix



A thick, dark brown syrup which is produced when sugar is processed


molasses, pomegranate molasses, blackstrap molasses, black strap molasses organic, organic molasses, black strap molasses, molasses cookies, blackstrap molasses organic, molasses organic, pomagranet molasses



To shape a soft substance into a particular form or object by pressing it or by putting it into a mould


the cake mould, silicone mould, cake mould, modak mould, egg mould, chocolate mould, fruit mould, mould release, cheese mould



A cold dessert made with cream and egg whites and flavoured with fruit, chocolate, etc.


mousse, chocolate mousse, fantasia liquid mousse, mousse mold, coconut mousse, sebastian whipped cream mousse, dove whipped cream mousse, whipped cream mousse


Muffin pan

A pan with several cylindrical indents to create the shape of muffins and cupcakes.


muffin pan, silicone muffin pan, mini muffin pan, muffin top pan, jumbo muffin pan, silicone mini muffin pan, cast iron muffin pan, muffin pan 6 cup, large muffin pan, ceramic muffin pan



A classic Russian cakes, made of very thin and flaky puff pastry cake layers and a smooth, rich and luscious pastry cream


napoleon, napoleon grill, napoleon candy, napoleon cake



To describe the surface of a pan/tool that prevents food from sticking


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No-Time Dough

A method of making bread which eliminates the bulk fermentation by using high-energy mixing to speed up gluten development


no time dough, no dough new york time bread, pizza dough no rise time, no rise time pizza dough, no time to let dough rise bagels



A hard sweet/candy that has to be chewed a lot, pink or white in color


nougat, nougat candy, torrone italian nougat candy, archway cashew nougat cookies, nougat tablet, tablet nougat, soft nougat, peppermint nougat candy, italian nougat candy, torrone nougat candy


One-Stage Method

Mix together all the wet ingredients in one bowl, mix the dry in another and just add the dry to the wet


not found



A type of dissert that consists of custard cream, a macaroon bottom and chocolate


othello dessert german, dessert air othello wa



Happens when dough has proofed too long and the air bubbles have popped


over proofing dough, over proofing pizza dough, over proofing bread dough



A French pastry in a palm leaf shape or a butterfly shape


palmier, palmier cookies, palmier stretch, palmier orientines, coeur de palmier, puff palmier



Material made from the skin of a sheep or goat to line baking pans to prevent sticking


parchment paper, parchment paper sheets, parchment paper for baking, parchment, air fryer parchment paper, parchment paper for air fryer, unbleached parchment paper, perforated parchment paper for air fryer, parchment paper cupcake liners, parchment paper for writing



A rich cold dessert made with whipped cream, eggs, and fruit


parfait cups, parfait, parfait glasses, le parfait glass jars, parfait cups with lids, le parfait



A process in which packaged and non-packaged foods are treated in an environment with less than 100 °C (212 °F) to eliminate pathogens


pasteurized eggs, pasteurized honey, ultra pasteurized milk, pasteurized milk, pasteurized egg, pasteurized apple cider vinegar, pasteurized cheese, pasteurized straw, egg white protein powder pasteurized, dried egg whites (non-gmo, pasteurized,...


Patent flour

A type of flour low in ash with a good white color


patent flour



To take the skin off fruit, vegetables, etc.


pizza peel, orange peel, peel, lemon peel, dried orange peel



A type of thin unleavened dough used for making pastries such as baklava


phyllo dough, phyllo, phyllo dough sheets, phyllo cups, gluten free phyllo dough, phyllo shells, mini phyllo shells, gluten free phyllo, mini phyllo cups, phyllo shells mini



To hold something tightly between the thumb and finger or between two things that are pressed together


pinch me dough, pinch me therapy dough spa, pinch me therapy dough 3 ounce, pinch bowl, salt pinch bowl, silicone pinch bowl



To decorate food with thin lines of icing by squeezing it out of a special bag or tube





A type of round, enclosed pie usually made by baking two disks of puff pastry, with a filling stuffed in between


not found



A sweet substance made of nuts and boiled sugar, often used to fill chocolates


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To heat an oven to a particular temperature before you put food in it to cook


preheat station, toaster oven preheat, no preheat needed infrared, stove top preheat



A small cake in the shape of a ball, made of light pastry , filled with cream and usually with chocolate on top


profiterole mold, profiterole pastry, profiterole mix, profiterole sticks, profiterole maker, profiterole



The final rising stage of the dough before it is baked but after being shaped


proof pizza dough, proof dough, cold proof pizza dough, proof dough in oven, instant pot proof dough, how to proof frozen dough


Pullman Loaf

A type of bread made with white flour and baked in a long, narrow, lidded pan.


pullman loaf pan, pullman loaf pan with lid, pullman loaf pan with cover, pullman loaf



To expel gases from fermented dough by hitting it


punching down dough, baking dough without punching it



Food in the form of a thick liquid made by crushing fruit or cooked vegetables in a small amount of water


pumpkin puree, tomato puree, passion fruit puree, mango puree, organic pumpkin puree, acai puree, chestnut puree, puree, fruit puree, puree blender



To delay the fermentation of a dough by refrigerating it


plastic dough-retarding/proofing pan, white, dough retarding pan


Rolled-in Dough

A type of dough in which fat is incorporated in many layers using a rolling, folding procedure


meat rolled in dough, dough rolled in thin layers crossword


Rolling boil

A vigorous state of maintained boiling in which large bubbles erupt continuously on the surface of the liquid and cannot be disrupted by stirring or adding ingredients.


Rolling boil


Royal Icing

A hard white covering for a fruit cake, made with sugar and the white part of eggs


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Rubbing in

A process of rubbing fat (butter, lard, margarine) into flour with your finger tips


rubbing alcohol in glass bottle, rubbing alcolol in spray bottle, bells seven in one rubbing oil



A type of ring-shaped cake that soaked with flavored syrup and garnished with cream and fruit


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To Heat a liquid until to the temperature slightly below its boiling point, when small bubbles form


liquid scald burns, hot liquid scald



A small round cake, sometimes with dried fruit in it and often eaten with butter, jam and cream spread on it


scone mix, scone, scone pan, sticky fingers scone mix, wall scone, mini scone pan, scone cutter, scone baking pan, king arthur scone mix, the secret book and scone society



To make a cut or mark on the surface of a cake etc.


score bar cake recipe, lare cake score



Thin and growing in a way that is not even , typically used to describe an overly dry dough


scraggly x-mas tree, scraggly wig, scraggly bear hair brown, top fin scraggly rock, scraggly beard costume



To remove something from a surface by moving something sharp and hard like a knife across it


scrape a round, bench scrape, scrape around ice scraper, mock scrape, scrape book


Shelf Life

The length of time that food, etc. can be kept before it is too old to be sold


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A rich crisp biscuit/cookie made with flour, sugar and a lot of butter


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A type of fat that is used for making pastry


shortening, palm shortening, crisco vegetable shortening, crisco shortening, vegetable shortening, shortening for baking, spectrum shortening, palm shortening organic, palm oil shortening, sweetex high ratio shortening



A tool for separating solids from liquids or larger solids from smaller solids


sieve, fine mesh sieve, sieve fine mesh, soil sieve, fine sieve, sieve strainer, mesh sieve, molecular sieve, garden sieve, nectar in a sieve



To cook something by keeping it almost at boiling point; to be cooked in this way


simmer sauce, potpourri simmer pot, simmer plate for gas burners, indian simmer sauce, simmer, curry simmer sauce, spill simmer falter wither by sara baume, saffron road simmer sauce, simmer pot, simmer pump


Soft Wheat

A light golden color with more starch and less gluten than hard wheat


soft white wheat berries, soft wheat flour, soft wheat berries, soft white wheat, soft wheat, organic soft white wheat berries, soft white wheat berries organic, soft organic whole wheat bread



A dish made from egg whites, milk and flour mixed together to make it light, flavored with cheese, fruit, etc. and baked until it rises


souffle cups, souffle dish, sculpey souffle, origins ginger souffle whipped body cream, souffle, alpha hydrox souffle, paper souffle cups, souffle cups with lids, body souffle, sakura souffle



A mixture of flour, fat and water that is left to dough so that it has a sour taste, used for making bread


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Shake small pieces of something or drops of a liquid on something


baby sprinkle, braggs organic sprinkle seasoning, garlic bread sprinkle, baby sprinkle decorations, sprinkle, mccormick garlic bread sprinkle, sprinkle decorations, crayola sprinkle art shaker


Spun Sugar

Long strings of sugar, used to make decorations for food and to make candy floss


spun sugar, sugar and spun, sweet spun sugar candle, spun sugar tool, hempz spun sugar and vanilla bean, spun paradise sugar, distress oxide ink pads spun sugar, sugar spun yarn



To move a liquid or substance around, using a spoon or sth similar, in order to mix it thoroughly


coffee stir sticks, woks and stir fry pans, stir sticks, stir fry vegetables, stir fry, paint stir sticks, stir fry pan, magnetic stir bar, stir fry sauce, stir plate



A cake-like fruit bread made with yeast, water and flour, and usually with zest added to the dough (typically served for Christmas)


stollen, stollen german, christmas stollen, marzipan stollen, german stollen, stollen with marzipan, stollen bread, stollen marzipan, stollen cake, dresdner stollen


Straight Flour

Flour recovered from bolted wheat meal and containing the whole product of milling except bran and shorts


recipes using straight acorn flour, straight flour definition


Strong Flour

A type of flour made from hard wheat kernels with high protein and used for baked goods that require structure


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A cake made from pieces of fruit, especially apple, rolled in thin pastry and baked


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Swiss Roll

A thin flat cake that is spread with jam, etc. and rolled up


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A technique used to raise the temperature of a substance gradually. Typically used for eggs and chocolate. When tempering eggs, a hot liquid is slowly added to the mixture in small amounts to prevent the eggs from scrambling.


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A large cake filled with a mixture of cream, chocolate, fruit, etc.


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A cake tray that can rotate used for cake decoration


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Happens when dough has not rested enough


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To stir cream, etc. very quickly until it becomes stiff


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A kitchen utensil for stirring eggs, etc. very fast


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Whole Wheat Flour

Made by grinding stone ground dark hard red wheat


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The outer skin of an orange, a lemon, etc., when it is used to give flavor in cooking


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