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The Top 7 Essential Baking Pans Every Home Cook Needs

by Charlotte Jane Davis

The Top 7 Essential Baking Pans Every Home Cook Needs

At Bakers’ Secret, we’re self-proclaimed dessert lovers. 

And if you’ve landed here, we’re guessing you are too!

Seriously, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than in the company of a decadent chocolate and caramel mud cake, a fresh and creamy honeycomb sponge cake, or a nutty hazelnut frangipane and apricot galette?  


Now, you might not have a tonne of space to store all kinds of baking pans and specialty accessories. 

So, to help you, we’ve selected the seven essential pans every home cook needs in their bakeware collection. 


With these, you can pretty much whip up any treats and delight everyone around you without overcrowding your space with unnecessary items.

Loaf Pans

 Loaf pan by Baker's Secret

As the name suggests, a loaf pan (also referred to as a bread pan) is a rectangular baking pan often used to make a single loaf of bread. 


They’re usually made from non-stick aluminum, stainless steel, stoneware, or glass. They also come in different sizes, from mini to large, to accommodate any bakers’ needs.


A loaf pan is an absolute essential of any well-rounded bakeware set. 


But if you thought that it was only used to make bread, you might be surprised!


In fact, this versatile cookware is also ideal for baking delicious pound cakes, banana bread, babkas, brioches, coffee cakes, and even freezing ice cream. 


Some of our favorite recipes include the old-fashioned lemon pound cake and the mouthwatering Viennese chocolate-nut cake. Both can be enjoyed as an afternoon pick-me-up with tea or coffee or dressed up with some ice cream for a dinner party.



Square Pans


Square pan by Baker's Secret



A square pan is a type of baking pan featuring deep sides and is used to make perfectly shaped cakes and brownies. 


These pans come in many sizes but typically range between 20 cm and 26 cm.


And if you’re in the market for a square pan, you’ll be met with an array of options as they can be made with a ton of different materials ranging from metal, glass, and stainless steel to silicone or aluminum. 


Home cooks and professionals alike all have a square pan (or two) in their bakeware collection as this is an extremely versatile baking and cooking tool.


That’s right, from moist homemade fudgy brownies and luscious cheesecake bars to succulent vanilla cakes, you can whip up a ton of fabulous desserts with a simple square pan!


And the great thing about these pans is that they’ll allow you to experiment with hundreds of different cake recipes. That’s why they’re ideal for rustling up delicious treats for your friends and family whenever they come over!  


Ever had a moist and buttery carrot layer cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting? Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Well, if you want to try, here’s the recipe from Baked by Rachel.


We’ve already had a go (of course), and we give it two thumbs up 😉



Cookie Sheets


Cookie sheet by Baker's Secret


Cookie sheets look pretty similar to baking trays, but their edges differ. 


A cookie sheet features one raised side and three-flat edges and comes in different sizes, with one of the largest being 46 cm x 36 cm x 1 cm. They’re designed to allow air to circulate easily and help bake your cookies quicker and more evenly. The angled side provides cooks with a good grip when taking the cookie sheet from the oven. What’s more, cookie sheet pans’ large surfaces make them the ideal accessory to bake a large number of cookies and feed a crowd.


Now, we’ve got a little secret to share with you: you can actually use cookie sheets to make much more than cookies!


Want to impress your guests with a glorious apple slab pie? Use your cookie sheet pan for baking this amazing dessert!


Fancy a pineapple sheet cake? Your cookie sheet pan will be perfect for that! 



Muffin Pans

Muffin pan by Baker's Secret


Also called muffin trays, these baking pans are specifically designed for baking muffins and cupcakes. Whether you want to make a delicious nibble or a mouth-watering jumbo creation, muffin pans come in various sizes, and we recommend adding a few different options to your baking pan collection. 


Picking the right pan is essential as it can make all the difference in how well-cooked, brown, and crispy your treats come out of the oven. Some of the most popular types include non-stick steel, aluminized steel, or ceramic.


Ideal for making a full batch of delectable confections, the recipes you can experiment with these pans are endless. Just like with the other pans listed in this post, they’re versatile and allow you to bake much more than muffins and cupcakes.


If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these three amazing recipes:




Round Pans


Round pan by Baker's Secret


A round pan is a circular-shaped baking pan designed to promote even baking and browning. Round pans are ideal for baking tiered cakes, layer cakes, or simple cakes. 


You’ll find them in many different depths and dimensions, but some of the most common ones are 23 x 5 cm and 20 x 5 cm. They can also be made with different materials such as tinned steel, carbon steel, or stainless steel.

If you’re looking for something to whisk up within minutes with a wow factor for your next get-together with your friends, try this ultimate decadent Chocolate layer cake recipe. You’ll need a couple of round pans to pull this one off, but we guarantee that you’ll delight your friends’ taste buds with this moist, rich, and fudgy dessert featuring a hint of espresso flavor! They’ll probably be asking for more 😉


Angel Food Cake Pans

Angel cake pan by Baker's Secret


Ready for a slice of paradise?


Angel food cakes owe their name to their divine, light, fluffy and irresistible appearance stemming from a simple combination of flour, egg whites, sugar, and butter. 


Even though there are hundreds of variations to this amazing treat, from angel food cupcakes with whipped cream and berries to angel food pineapple pies, we highly recommend the traditional and creamy homemade angel food cake recipe. It literally tastes like a vanilla cloud!


What pans to use for an angel food cake?


Also called tub pans, angel food cake pans are imperative if you want to bake the perfect tall, light, and airy angel food cake. That’s because tub pans are specifically designed to provide the structure and stability these types of cakes require. 


Angel food pans come in different materials, such as anodized aluminum and non-stick aluminum. And, some of the most common sizes for the pans are 25 cm, 23 cm, and 21 cm.  




Springform Pans


Springform pans by Baker's Secret


A springform pan is a type of round cake pan featuring removable sidewalls, allowing bakers to separate them from the base. Because the walls can easily be removed once the cake is out of the oven, they prevent baking aficionados from damaging the sides, bottoms, or tops of their creations, allowing them to create smooth desserts.


The most common springform pan is the 23 cm round pan. However, smaller circular-shaped pans are also common, as well as square, rectangle, and heart-shaped pans. They come in different materials, including anodized aluminum, glass, and heavy-gauge steel.


They can be used to produce a wide range of delicious baked goods, including intricate ice cream cakes, wonderful fresh fruit crusty tarts, or flawless cheesecakes.  


The worst part about dessert is when there is no more left. 


So, make sure to add these essentials to your bakeware collection to always have new dazzling treats on hand to serve to your guests and enjoy at will 😉 

Looking for inspiration? Don’t hesitate to browse our range of bakeware specifically designed to help novice and baking experts step up their baking game!

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