Amazing Cakes for Any Occasion

by Charlotte Jane Davis

Amazing Cakes for Any Occasion

Got a birthday, a family reunion, a baby shower, or any other special celebration coming up and would love to bake an amazing cake for the occasion?

There’s nothing better than seeing your guests’ eyes light up as you unveil a decadent cake and pass it out for everybody to enjoy. 

That’s right. 

Cakes just make everything better, including parties.

Now, as a home baker, you might not have the technical skills from ‘’Sugar Rush’’ or ‘’The Great British Bake-Off’’. But that doesn’t mean you can’t whip up something amazing!

In this blog post, we highlight some of the best show-stopping celebratory treats you can make using easy baking recipes and a zest of love 😉

Birthday Cakes

Birthday parties are an excellent excuse to throw in a cake (or two) and celebrate together. Whether you’re celebrating your children, friends, family, or colleagues’ birthday, we’ve got you covered with these fantastic birthday cake ideas:

  • Unicorn Cake: if you’re making a cake for a playful kid’s party, this cake is a no-brainer. Try this quick recipe and watch the expression on their face as they blow up their candles! But this moist cake isn’t just pretty. It features a salted caramel buttercream that will delight your guests’ tastebuds regardless of their age.
  • Chocolate Birthday Cake: a classic for any occasion, chocolate cakes are always a crowd-pleaser. And Beatty’s chocolate cake is no exception. This popular treat is 

all the rage these days, and for good reason. The tender crumb and intense chocolate flavor are delectable. But what makes this cake super special is the two secret ingredients: freshly brewed espresso enhancing the chocolate flavor and vegetable oil making it really moist!

Baby Shower Cakes


Got an upcoming baby shower and need some baby shower cake inspiration?

Whether you’re making the much-anticipated reveal baby shower cake or just something to celebrate this very special occasion, your baby shower cake should be dazzling, sophisticated, and of course, fit the baby shower color theme. 

Here are two easy recipes to help you whip up the best baby shower cake in town:

  • Gender Reveal Cake: gender reveal cakes are fun! Filled with a colorful sweet surprise revealing the gender as you cut into it, we’re big fans of Pretty Sweet Simple’s baby shower cake. This moist and heavenly cake features three layers of delightful vanilla and a mouth-watering creamy vanilla buttercream frosting to top it all off.
  •  Nutella-stuffed Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes: how does the combination of super fluffy raspberry buttercream, intense dark chocolate, and creamy Nutella sound? Like heaven? We’ll admit it, we’re a bit biased when it comes to Nutella cakes, but we love these cupcakes by Handle the Heat. So, believe us, Whether you need to feed a crowd or simply want to top off the baby shower party with some simple yet tasty treats, this cupcake recipe will impress your guests. 

Graduation Cakes

Land O Lakes

Graduating is a pretty big deal. First comes the diploma, then comes the amazing cake. From preschool graduation to university graduation, this occasion is worth celebrating with a fabulous treat!

So, here are two easy graduation cake ideas to finish off the school year the right way:

  • Preschool Graduation cupcakes:  if you’re looking for an easy recipe to make gorgeous, fun, and festive cupcakes to celebrate this educational milestone, look no further. This easy recipe can be customized to the school’s colors and will leave your guests, kids, and adults alike, wanting for more. The combination of chocolate, vanilla, and fresh licorice is delightful! And did we mention how gorgeous they look?
  • Graduation Tassel Cake: since we’re talking about gorgeous graduation cake designs, here’s another dazzling graduation cake idea for you. This delightful graduation tassel cake can be customized to the graduate’s taste using their favorite cake mix or recipe. You’ll have to make the decorations in advance, but the results are well worth the effort!

Wedding Cakes

Sally’s Baking Addiction

Wedding cakes are a staple of most weddings. In fact, seeing the bride and groom cut their wedding cake is one of the most-awaited and exciting parts of any wedding. Sure, it’s an experience, but it’s also the occasion for guests and newlyweds alike to enjoy a one-of-a-kind treat!

If you love baking and want to make something special for the bride and the groom, here are a couple of delicious homemade wedding cake recipes featuring some of the best wedding cake designs. We have to warn you though; these cakes will be sure to sweep the newlyweds off their feet 😉

  • Rustic Vanilla Naked Wedding Cake: if the wedding is taking place in the countryside, somewhere rustic and charming, this naked cake will perfectly fit the atmosphere! Simple yet sophisticated and elegant, this beautiful wedding cake design can be customized to the bride and groom’s taste. We personally always stick to the incredible recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction featuring moist layer vanilla cake, fresh berries, and silky vanilla buttercream. 
  • Coconut Wedding Cake: this elegant and dreamy coconut cake is perfect for an intimate wedding. Made with three simple ingredients, including vanilla, coconut, and cream, this indulgent custardy wedding cake will turn the party into a dessert lovers’ paradise. Plus, it’s really quick to make!
  • Gateau St Honoré: sure, this is a bit more advanced than the other cake recipes. But if you want to impress the guests with your amazing wedding cake design, this incredible french torte will pull out all the stops. Featuring a puffy pastry base, whipped cream, and caramelized profiteroles, this special treat will be sure to steal the show!

To Your Baking Trays!

Happiness is knowing there’s a cake in the oven, so no matter what the occasion and who you’re baking for, we hope this article inspired you. While fresh ingredients and great recipes are key to baking the most amazing celebratory cake, quality equipment is also crucial. So, if you’re looking for superior quality bakeware with a small price tag, don’t hesitate to browse our range. We’re passionate about cakes and have designed each of our baking accessories with dessert lovers in mind.

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