About Baker's Secret

Who We Are

Baker’s Secret™ is one of the first, longest serving, strongest bakeware brands in American history. 50 years of heritage; tomorrow's technology.

The finest quality bakeware made in the world. With roots dating back to a small Chicago workshop in the late 19th century with under half a dozen employees, the Baker’s Secret™ brand was founded in 1972 and has flourished into the vanguard of the bakeware industry.

Our Mission

With decades of experience at the forefront of bakeware, Baker’s Secret™ combines the heritage of a historically rich American pursuit with the modern technology, engineering, and design that is needed for the ever evolving ingenuity and passion of today’s bakers.

Look no further than Baker’s Secret™ as it holds the largest catalog and variety of bakeware, all designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, while engineered with premium, easy to clean materials. Family trusted, professionally approved for 50 years.


Our story begins with Edward Katzinger’s commercial baking pan company, founded in Chicago in 1888. Almost a century later in 1972, the Baker’s Secret™ brand was introduced and would flourish into a nationwide household name.

With well over a century of heritage behind us, Baker’s Secret™ continues to provide accessible, high-quality bakeware for bakers of all levels.

Our Heritage

In 1881, Edward Katzinger immigrated from Austria to New York City as an 18 year-old. He started off as a “tinner” in a factory before moving out to begin his own venture, eventually landing in Chicago where he focused on baking tin production for the commercial baking industry.

Before the turn of the 20th century, baking pans were typically produced at various sizes, made-to-order for clients, with no standardized sizing or specifications. But with the help of Katzinger’s son, Arthur, the business was pumping out up to 70,000 pans a day, all stock sized, ready to hit the mass market. It was this revolutionary shift that spearheaded the amazing growth of the Katzinger business, and while acquiring and creating various brands over the 20th century, in 1972, Baker’s Secret™ would be born.

Why Baker's Secret™?

We know our customers, and we know that their baking needs are as flexible and inventive as they are. We cover all bases when it comes to providing the highest quality bakeware tools. We love what bakeware can impart to people who love baking, and seek to make sure all our customers are able to use the best product at any level.

From start to finish, we control the entire process. From designing, sourcing materials, to production, quality control and packaging, all while understanding our customers’ needs. With many years of experience behind us producing for the largest retailers around the world, Baker’s Secret™ is the premier choice for your bakeware.

What We Provide

We take pride in every single product we manufacture, and guarantee satisfaction to every single one of our customers.
We developed a wide range of non-stick bakeware and cookware, along with different lines of kitchen tools and gadgets to cover all bakers’ needs.