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Insulated Cookie Sheet 16"
Leonard Toedebusch
Great baking sheets

These baking sheets are wonderful. Evenly baked and super easy to clean up. Do not submerge however. My last ones got water inside and began to leak rust from the holes on the bottom

Loaf Pan 9" x 5"
Gary Fread
Bread loaf pan

Baker s Secret are the best pans I have purchased !

Best roaster with rack

Best roaster with rack! It is my 3rd one I purchased but bought this one online and was not the color I wanted. This one arrived in a very dark almost black metal vs my other 2 were silvery grey. Very difficult to find in any stores now. Thanks.

Amour Non-stick Cast Aluminum Fluted Tube Pan

Excellent in every way…including outcome of the cookies

The cookie sheets are exactly as described on the web site. They are a pleasure to use. Placing the order was easy and smooth, the delivery prompt.

Non-stick Cast Aluminum Fluted Pans

I am very satisfied with your product. I have 3 pans now and I am working on getting some more.

it was worth the money i paid for it. no rust i bought 2 farberware can openers manual ones paid $20.00 us for them each and they had rust on them and failed to work after 1 year. had to throw them out, after 14 days yours are still good ask again in 1 year... i have a cat and need to open cans for her food everyday so it will be 1 year of use to know if yours is better that farberware....

Great cookie sheets

I love these cookie sheets for baking. They are double layered so cookies bake more evenly. They clean up easier than any I have ever owned. Why didn't I give them a 5 star rating? The fact is that they are hard to grab or pick up. The are no handles, just a bend in one side. It is not adequate to grab on to. Despite that, I am using them and enjoying them. Thank you!

Round Pan 9"
Elisabeth Mevissen

Round Pan 9"

Insulated Cookie Sheet 16"
Stephanie Loomis
Love these cookie sheets!

I have 8 of these cookie sheets. My cookies bake evenly and never stick. I would highly recommend.

3pcs Nonstick Cookie Sheets

the BEST!

These along with baking aheets were a gift to my Granddaughter-in-law. She loves them! Can always count on the quality of Bakers Secret.

Awesome cake pans

I can't recommend them enough, really heavy-duty and they come in a beautiful packaging. Success guaranteed!

No comment at this time

Silicone Gloves

The gloves are great. They protect us from burns and look fashionable doing so!

My Cake pans

Have not used them yet. Will soon hopefully.

Bloom Pan

Used bundt pan this week. It made a beautiful cake. Easy release

all of them are great

Flute Tube Pan

Love the flute tub pan, made my first pound cake and it was beautiful

Not used yet

These look like sturdy good pans. I purchased two and my only complaint is that they don't stack very well. I'm having difficulty finding a place to keep them. That might be a good thing for cooks that want everything uniform, but I just need a place to keep them in between uses. They're not off by much. This might sound silly to a lot of you. I'm happy with the pans themselves.

Round Cake Pan 9"
Dallas Herron

Round Cake Pan 9"

Stainless Steel Dual Press Potato Masher

The ultimate in convenience!

I am super happy to have these versatile papers. I am often caught cooking on the fly and have no time for pan prep, etc. Love them!

Silicone Oven Mitts
Susan Schecter

I like these. Easy in and off and easy to see. Once, I put them on backwards and almost burnt my hand but that was my fault. Maybe a different color for each side to remind one of which side touches the pan.

Received pan with several small dents. Sent requested photos to Bakers Secret and received no reply